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Law School Letter of Recommendation Sample

Law School Letter of Recommendation Sample

law school letter of recommendation sampleWriting a law school letter of recommendation can be very challenging to anyone, but it’s especially difficult if you’ve never written one before and aren’t certain what kind of thing they’re looking for. What do you include? What do you leave out? How do you portray them as unique? It can be difficult to accomplish everything and live up to the expectations, but you can get started by learning from a law school letter of recommendation sample. It’s a simple and effective way to learn the basic and to apply the principles from the sample letter of recommendation for law school to your own law school letter.

Professional Letter of Recommendation Law School Sample

To Whom It May Concern,

I was Mr. John Wilkins’ professor in the Department of Business Administration at the Wellington University. Because of his extraordinary performance in our University, I am very delighted to hear that he is interested in pursuing Law in your University. I am also happy to assist by writing this letter of recommendation.

Mr. Wilkins was a very good student who made a very good impression in all his classes. I taught him in the classes Enterprise Policy, Management, Organizational Behavior, Compared Bias Theory and Organizational Theory and Management. I noticed right away that he was a very motivated student, as he always participates in our discussions actively. He raised issues and questions showing devotion to learning.

As he progressed even further, Mr. Wilkins showed that he had his focus on business with his capability to think critically while dealing with complicated subject matters. With this performance inside the classroom, as well as his academic background, I consider Mr. Wilkins as an ideal candidate for Law School in your institution.

In addition to his excellence in academics, I also found Mr. Wilkins as a delightful person in class. He has his very unique ability to communicate well with his students, showing confidence coupled with inquisitive fervor. At the same time, he inspires cooperation and respect from his teachers and classmates. I do not have a single doubt that his undergraduate studies have prepared him for Law School. I also feel that his very engaging personality as well as capability to work with other people while inspiring respect will make him an even better candidate.

Mr. Wilkins has been an outstanding student, and I am very confident that he would continue doing so as he pursues the field of Law. If you have any questions about him, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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