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The Most Useful Letter of Recommendation for Medical School

letter of recommendation for medical schoolWhat Is the Importance of Your LoR for Medical School

With the process of getting your paperwork in order to complete your application for medical school, resume, transcript, personal statements and so on, you should never overlook the importance of also approaching your peers in getting a letter of recommendation for medical school. These may be the most important documents in the whole application process and should never be underestimated.

In simplest terms, a medical school letter of recommendation is a letter that makes a statement of support for a candidate. It also presents a well-documented evaluation, providing sufficient evidence and information to help a selection committee in making its decision. With the amount of applicants vying for the same schools, it is important that your medical school letter of recommendation is the best it can be.


What Should Be Included in a Medical School Letter of Recommendation?

  • In writing, be as specific as possible. A general description of a student’s positive qualities is not as useful as detailed examples that illustrate the student’s abilities and achievements. This same level of specificity is important while discussing non-academic matters also. Include any such commitments that are related to the target letter of recommendation such as working as a volunteer for the local ambulance trust etc.
  • Try and compare students to others you have known in a similar capacity. Statements that read, “In terms of intellectual talent and drive, xxxx ranks in the top xx% of all the students I have taught over the last xx years,” This can help an admissions committee place your recommendation into a broader context.
  • It is ideal to try to touch on the following in any letter of recommendation: the student’s intellectual strengths, level of motivation, personal character, commitment to medicine, and interpersonal skills. Your ability to comment on these topics will depend on just how well you know the student.
  • Statements that are negative or refer to problems should never be used. These will jeopardize a student’s application. If you do have any concerns about a student, whether of an academic or personal nature, then it may be better to ask the student to look elsewhere for a recommendation. And don’t forget appropriate format of recommendation letter.

Choosing Your Writer

  • Choose your writer for a letter of recommendation for medical school carefully. Generally, you should have at least 3 letters of recommendation (confirm this). Letters from graduate student instructors are acceptable but letters from faculty tend to carry more weight.
  • When asking for your letter, make an appointment to meet in person. Take your resume, transcript, application essay and any papers which you have written for the tutor, preferably ones which contain their comments with you and talk about your future goals and past achievements.
  • Give the writer the option of saying NO. You want to have strong letters and if a person is uncomfortable writing for you or doesn’t have enough time, it is likely that the result will be short and weak. It is much better to have someone that’s honest right from the start so that you can find another evaluator who will be more enthusiastic.
  • Give your letter of recommendation for medical school writer plenty of advance notice and time to write a good letter, making sure they know when the due date of the letter is required.Remember to give them friendly reminders from time to time, but do not pester them.
  • Once you have your medical school letter of recommendation, it is always nice to send a letter of thanks, they have done you a great service and a letter of appreciation goes a long way.

It will help to have your letter of recommendation for medical school done by professionals to show an applicant off in the best way. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a recommendation letter with spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes, and poor attention to detail.

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