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You Will Definitely Find Your References in These World’s Biggest Libraries

You Will Definitely Find Your References in These World’s Biggest Libraries

What are the top libraries? Libraries are important to a community because everyone can benefit from it. College students use it for research purposes and reference writing, businesspersons can use it to make wise decisions and other individuals can go to biggest libraries and get many sources for any specific need.
Top Libraries

Also, it isn’t just about getting information but it also helps a person to develop and improve reading skills. It is where people can lose themselves with great stories, people can learn about medical researchers and people can find reference letter examples. Who would resist a peaceful, beautiful library?


Top libraries are not the only thing that people can get references from. Have you ever heard about the best online libraries where it can provide you reliable sources as well?

List of the Best Online Libraries

  • World digital library – A library that contains manuscripts, rare books and films
  •  Universal digital library – A library with over million books
  • Project gutenberg – There are 33,000 e-books on this website
  •  Ibiblio – Where you can fine magazines, essays, E-books and a lot more
  • Google books – One of the most top libraries on the internet with other 100,000 books
  • Open library – One-millions e-books to download

If you’re fond of a beautiful library, then reading is for you. It certainly is fun especially when you know these facts about first books.

  • The Bay Psalm Book is the first book in America and it was the most expensive book that was ever sold. It costs $151,000. (List Verse)
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the first ever book that was written in a typewriter. (Media Works)
  • The first book in America was a total mess because the typographers weren’t really trained at all. (List Verse)
  • First printed books didn’t have the authors’ name, only their covers because they believed that a cover itself is a work of art. (Media Works)
  • Biggest libraries are heaven for bookworms and for those who are not; here are interesting facts about libraries and reasons you should go to one.
  • There are a lot more of public libraries than McDonald’s in the U.S
  • The Guinness Book of World Records is the most stolen book in libraries
  • In Harvard University, they have a collection of books that are covered with human skin
  • There are some German cities with art libraries that you can borrow a painting from artists for several months.

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