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Write Your Best Recommendation Letter for Nursing School

Why Do You Need a Good Recommendation Letter for Nursing School Applications?

recommendation letter for nursing school

Top grades and high test scores are an important factor for an application, but along with your resume, personal statements and transcripts, a strong letter of recommendation for nursing school is just as critical, if not more so. Every potential candidate will have their application package scrutinized by a panel to pick out only the best students from the many that have applied. Having a professionally written letter of recommendation for nursing school will help make a student stand out from the rest. There can be many ways of writing letter of recommendation for RN position from a colleague. However, the simple and suitable method is considered as ideal for writing the best nursing recommendation letter.

This is the simple procedure to learn for writing the error-free letter of recommendation. Include the due dates without creating any mess on the paper. The forms that you’ve filled out properly need to be included with the letter for providing all the evidences. The end of letter should be based on the reasons that grab eyeballs of selectors to make you of their final choices.

recommendation letter for nursing school helpWhat Should Be Included in a Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School?

The letter of recommendation is a statement of support for the selected individual and as such should not be just a few words hashed together, but should be professionally laid out highlighting the individuals strengths and intellectual capabilities. You have to use appropriate format for the letter of recommendation. Refrain from using cliches and too many superlatives but instead focus on other things like:

  • How you know the person
  • Special achievements within specified classes
  • Information on extra-curricular activities
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Qualities and capabilities

Letter of Recommendation for RN Position from a Supervisor

From a supervisor, the letter of recommendation for RN position is written in many ways. The standard format of writing this letter as a supervisor is based on the given steps. Make sure that you use all the major elements for creating this letter. Follow the same guidelines and general rules for it.

  • Followed by the date, place your address the on the top right.
  • Place the address and name of recipients on the left.

For example, start your letter like this, “I am glad for recommending Susan for the RN position at the TWS hospital. I worked as the supervisor of Susan from the year 2006 to 2008. I am quite familiar with her because of our strong working relationship for two years.”

sample letter of recommendation for nursing schoolRN Recommendation Letter: Tips to Write LoR

  • Never go too long in your writing for this category. The LoRs are always written in the concise manner. The length of paragraphs should be of three to four lines. The understandable key points with the significant details are also important to add in these letters. The recommendation always needs to be targeted.
  • The information about the individuals who recommends you also matters indeed. The letter isn’t all about the individual who applies for the job.
  • Never forget to gather the feedback of the letter. The feedback is highly important to garner for any type of RN recommendation letter.

letter of recommendation for rn position facts

Recommendation Letter for Nurse Practitioner: Tips of Proofreading

Checking the spelling errors is one of the main tasks forgotten by the individuals who write letter of recommendation. Here are some important tips to consider:

  • Read every word of the letter thoroughly. Make sure that each phrase seems to be the great addition and meaningful in the sentences.
  • The use of online spelling checkers is also suggested if you are not able to do it all properly.
  • Underline the mistakes first and then make corrections in the next phase. Never mess it up by spotting errors and correcting them together.
  • Read the whole content at least thrice to rectify the content properly. It is definitely not possible to find the errors by reviewing the letter once.

Who and How to Ask

So how do you go about choosing who will write your recommendation letter for nursing school and how should you ask? You will generally need 3 recommendation letters, although confirm this beforehand. Choose tutors who know your educational and career goals, who have a high opinion of you and who know your work and can describe it positively.

Asking a tutor for a recommendation letter for nursing school is not something that should be done in passing. Make an appointment to see them between or after classes. Get your requests in early; don’t wait until the last few weeks to ask as they may be inundated with requests. Do pay attention to their body language when you ask, if they seem reluctant then thank them for their time and find another tutor. Give the tutor who has agreed as much information as possible. Make sure you include things like:

  • Due date the letter of recommendation for nursing school is needed
  • Admission essays
  • Your resume which has details of your work experiences, Honor societies you belong to. Any awards you’ve won and your professional goals
  • A transcript

As memorable as you believe yourself to be with your chosen writers, always remember they see many students and will not always remember everything about you. So the more information you give to them, the more detailed their recommendation letter for nursing school for you will be.

expert letter of recommendation for nursing schoolCome to Us for That Unique Experience

If you’re a student trying to write your own recommendation letter for nursing school or have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for a student then look no further. We supply writers who are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of the application process.

Our skilful team offers the best services for writing nursing characters reference letters and LoRs. They know the differences between writing the RN LoRs and reference letters of other fields. Check out the benefits of hiring us.

  • We do offer the writing services at the rates less than your expectations. The charges are only for services and editing is free of cost.
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  • There is also a 100% fee return assurance if the letter hasn’t been written by any of our author as per instructions.
  • The editing and proofreading of the content is done by our professional editors. They pay all of their attention to make the letter worth reading for the selectors.
  • We show various samples of RN letter of recommendations to the clients. You would have variety of choices for choosing the LoRs that suits on the available requirements.
  • The authors of our team use appropriate vocabulary that actually appeal the selectors for choosing you as a RN job’s right candidate.

These are the benefits that you will avail by hiring our services. The fees for each of our services is justified and every clients gets satisfactory results by relying on our services. This will be your best decision to hire us so far.

So if you need help with writing a recommendation letter for nursing school then simply contact our experts here today!

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